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INI File Setting - BorderStyle

The BorderStyle setting is used to change the Windows Border Style displayed with Keystroke. Changes to the default border style setting can affect screen space provided within Keystroke.

The setting can be entered as a number or as a name as follows:

0 = Classic - uses traditional gray 3D borders and Keystroke colors.
1 = Colored (or Colored Flat) - uses a flat colored border and Keystroke colors.
3 = Colored3D - uses a 3D (shaded) colored border and Keystroke colors.
15 = XP - uses the XP Theme.
16 = Modern - uses the Modern Theme

Has the same effect as the BorderStyle startup switch.

BorderStyle=0 turns on the Windows Classic boarders.
BorderStyle=3 turns on the Colored 3D boarders.

BorderStyle=1 - Colored Flat border style.

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