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Troubleshooting - Software Errors

Computer software programs rarely cause data corruption. Software programs are usually very good at reading and writing their own data, however programs sometimes include errors. Studies have shown that all large software programs will inevitably have some bugs. A typical software bug, however, will not corrupt data. It is usually electrical power trouble that causes corrupted data.

Software programs are more likely to simply fail to do something, or to display an error message. A serious bug may cause a program to freeze, or crash. Occasionally, a program may produce faulty data as a result of an inaccurate calculation.

If corrupt data is encountered and no obvious cause for the problem can be seen, contact the technical support department. Keystroke Support Options

Below are some things to try if the Keystroke Software program freezes when loaded:

- Try running Keystroke with Sample Data using the shortcut from the computer's Start Menu, Keystroke program group. This shortcut opens a test database and can help determine if there is a problem with the program, or with the store's data.

- Try using the DISPLAYOFF startup switch (i.e. C:\Keystroke\Keystroke.exe DISPLAYOFF). This switch turns off the Customer Display setting if it is normally turned on. The DISPLAYOFF switch should be used if some computers on the network have a Customer Display, and others do not. Use this switch on the machines that do not have a Customer Display.

- Use the /U and /K startup switches on the Keystroke command line (i.e. C:\Keystroke\Keystroke.exe /U C:\KSTemp /K C:\KSTemp). These startup switches copy User and Keystroke Resource Files to the local C: drive. Note: The folder C:\KSTemp must be created if it does not exist.

- Use the MNUM=# startup switch, where # is a unique number on each machine (i.e. C:\Keystroke\Keystroke.exe MNUM=5). Note: This switch must be used on all the computers that run Keystroke on the network.

- Run REGDLLS.BAT from a Command Prompt. Open a DOS/Command Prompt. From the Keystroke folder, run REGDLLS.BAT. This batch command file registers the Keystroke DLL Files to the drive and folder from which Keystroke is being run (i.e. F:\Keystroke\REGDLLS.BAT).

- Re-install the Keystroke software program by running Setup.exe (as Administrator) from the Keystroke installation folder.

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