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Store Link - Inventory Levels Report

The Inventory Levels Report shows the Quantity On Hand for inventory items in the Master store, the Quantity On Hand in each available store (where the Store Information Exclude from levels Report parameter is disabled), and the total Quantity On Hand for all stores.

Report Settings

Group By - Groups (subtotals) items by either Department, Category, Location, or Vendor.

Inventory - Sort items by either Description, Product Code, Stock Number, Class, or Manufacturer.

In Stock Only - Do not report on items that are not currently in stock (QOH is less than 1).

Exclude Service Items - Do not include items with the Service flag enabled.

Add Allocated to QOH - Add the Allocated Quantity to the Quantity on Hand.

Add Layaway to QOH - Add the Layaway Quantity to the Quantity on Hand.

Use InvLink Files - Use quantity data from the KSIL#.DAT files created by the INVLink.EXE add-on program (see Keystroke\Doc\InvLink.txt for details).

Form - Choose one of the available report formats.

Print To - Print the report to the screen, to a printer, or to a file.


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