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Store Link - Import Line Items Into A Store Transfer

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Select Import Line Items from the Special Menu.

The Inventory items to be imported into the current Store Transfer must be located in an ASCII quote/comma delimited file (commonly referred to as the source data file).

File Name - Enter the file name (and path if the file is not located in the Keystroke installation folder). The default file name is COUNT.TXT.

Merge Same Items - Select New Items only to combine only new items being imported into the same line on the Store Transfer. Select All Items to combine all items being imported. Select No to combine none of the items being imported.

Import File Format

The import file should include the following fields:

The default Item Entry Field (Description, Product Code, Stock Number, Class, or Manufacturer).
Item Quantity (optional)
Item Cost (optional)

For Example:
123, 2, 1.99
124, 4, 2.99

The first line represents item 123, with quantity 2, and $1.99 Cost.

If the Item Quantity field is empty, a quantity of 1 is used.
If the Item Cost field is empty, the Cost from the item's Inventory database record is used.


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