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ReportManager= Startup Switch

The ReportManager= startup switch is used to specify which Report Manager module is loaded when the Report Manager is selected (by a menu or a macro). The generic module code for the Report Manager is "KSR". When Keystroke receives a request to load the "KSR" module it either loads the upcoming .Net KSRN report module or the existing KSR8 module. The default for this setting is currently "KSR8" but in a future release the default will be changed to "KSRN". The ReportManager= switch can be used to specify which module "KSR" stands for no matter what the standard default is.

Keystroke.exe ReportManager=KSR - to run KSR8
Keystroke.exe ReportManager=KSRN - to run KSRN

Example: Specify the .Net KSRN Report Manager
Keystroke.exe ReportManager=KSRN

The Keystroke KSR8 Report Manager

Note: The forward slash (/) is not used with this start up switch.

See: INIFILE setting ReportManager=

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