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GeniusAltIP= Startup Switch

The GeniusAltIP= startup switch defines the alternate network address of a secondary Genius PIN Pad device that can be switched to while entering sales.

Note: The Alternate IP Address MUST be defined using ONLY this command line switch AND NOT by an .INI file setting (there is no GeniusAltIP= INI file setting).

Note: The Alternate IP Address is used only until the Clerk leaves the Sales Manager module, or until Keystroke is closed, or the SalesEntryCommand: MWGenius macro is used with the ToggleDevice command or with the UsePrimaryDevice command which sets the IP address back to the Primary IP address.

Note: PINPadAltIP= may be used for the same purpose (was originally created for the EVO - Keystroke Direct interface).

Keystroke.exe GeniusAltIP=###.###.###.### (where ### represents the IP address numbers)

The entry stored in the Windows Registry.

There is no GeniusAltIP= INI file setting.

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