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Database Screens Editor - Link Field (Screen Edit mode only)

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The Link Field setting links the field to the appropriate Lookup List. Press [Ins] to select a Link Field. Values for the field may then be selected from its Lookup List.

The Link Field is virtually always the same as the field with which it is associated (i.e. the Department field is associated with the Department Link Field). When [Ins] is pressed in the Department field, a Lookup List of Departments is displayed.

There are very few (if any) circumstances under which a Link Field setting should be changed. A limited number of Link Fields are available and they are all in use on at least one of the database screens.

If a Link Field was accidentally changed, and it needs to be restored to it to its original setting:

- Select the Link Field field on the Field Definition screen.
- Press [Ins].
- Select the appropriate Link Field from the Available Fields list or press [F9] to select the appropriate Link Field from the Special Links list.

Note: This is not the same as the "Link from" setting in the Default mode (and in the Database Manager's Default screen), which tells Keystroke whether (and how) to copy data from one field to another (i.e., Average Cost to Base Price, Base Price to Sale Price).

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