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Database Screens Editor - Field Flags

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Press [Ins], navigate to a flag option, press [Enter] to select the flag (multiple flags may be selected). Press [F10] to save flag selections.

Field Flags:

All Upper Case - All characters entered in the field will be in upper case.

Numbers Only - The field will only accept numbers. It will ignore all other characters.

Null Character Supported - The field will accept the Null character.

Exit on Overflow - Exit the field when the input exceeds the field width.

Entry Required (not blank) - The user cannot leave the field blank.

No Display - Display a row of dots instead of the contents of the field. Can be used for passwords or other restricted-access data.

Don't Show Brackets - Do not display brackets around the field.

Display in POS only - available in Keystroke only (not Advanced POS).

Display in Advanced only - available in Advanced POS only (not Keystroke).

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