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Database Screens Editor - Screen Editor Keys

The following Screen Editor Keys are used for specific purposes in Database Screens Editor:

[Shift]+[F9] - Toggle between Screen Edit and Default modes.

[Shift]+[F8] - Automatically set Field Numbers / Tab Order. Order is top-to-bottom, left-to-right. Select a field or label and press [F3] to change the Field Number manually.

[Enter] - Select the data field or label at the current cursor position (to move or delete it).

[Ins] - Display the list of fields available for the current database or add a new label to the screen.

[Del] - Remove a field or label from the screen.

[F3] - Display the Field Definition screen to edit the flags for a field or a label.

[Ctrl]+[Left] - Move 10 spaces to the left.

[Ctrl]+[Right] - Move 10 spaces to the right.

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