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The Database Screens Editor is used to customize database screens.

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There are multiple Add Mode and Edit Mode screens sets for each database: Inventory, Customer, Vendor, Clerk, Department, Category, Location, Matrix Item, and Contacts. Add Mode screens are used when adding new database records in Database Manager. Edit Mode screens are used to edit existing records.

Fields (and their field labels) on database screens may be moved, deleted, and resized.

The editor has two modes:

Default Mode - Sets the default values and links for the data fields.

Screen Edit Mode - Changes the way the screen is displayed.

Note: This is a SCREEN editor, not a DATABASE editor.

What can be changed:

- Which fields are displayed.
- Where they are displayed.
- How they are displayed.
- How they are labeled.

What cannot be changed:

- The type or format of the data in a field.
- New fields may not be created.

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