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The Select Comments From Item Script uses the Selectable Comments from another Inventory Item. The Script will run, but the Item with the Selectable Comments will not be added to the sale. Multiple Inventory Items may use the Selectable Comments from the same Item.

To set up a Select Comments From Item:

- Set up the Selectable Comments on the item to be called by this Script.

- Use the Type button to select Select Comments From Item.

- Navigate to the Item With Comment Lookup List and select the Item with the Selectable Comments.

- Press [F10] or select the [OK] button to save the Script.

Select Comments From Item Parameters:

Out of Stock Only - run script only if the Scripted Item is out of Stock (QOH<1).

Default Customer Only - run script only if the Customer is the Default Customer (the Default Customer is normally Customer 0 but can be changed in Configuration Manager, under the Settings Menu).

Returns Only - run script only if the quantity ordered/sold is negative (i.e. -1). The quantity must be entered before leaving the line item. Use [Tab] to navigate to the quantity field. Or use the Qty* entry method (-1*ProductCode).

Run Once Per Trans - run script only once per transaction.

Not on New Trans - do not run script if the transaction is new.

Not on Edit Trans - do not run script if the transaction is being edited.

[Use On] - select the Transaction Type (or All Types) on which the script will run.

*[Advanced Restrictions] - run script only within any of the following restrictions (any of which may be combined): Date Range, Time Of Day, Day Of Week, Day Of Month, Min qty, Max Qty, Script Filter.

* - requires Keystroke Advanced license.


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