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Report Manager - Options Screen - Show Parent/Child

The Show Parent/Child option display the Stock Number of the Parent Item for the Child items on the Inventory Database report. A dash (-) or multiple dashes are displayed to the left of the Child Item identifiers (Stock Number, Product Code, and Description) for easy identification. Multiple dashes represent items that have a Parent Item that also has a Parent Item.

For example:

Stock Number 60 / Pepsi Single 12oz - has Parent Item Stock Number 61 / Pepsi Six Pack.

Stock Number 61 / Pepsi Six Pack - has Parent Item Stock Number 62 / Pepsi Case.

The items are displayed as follows:

62, 012000000171, Pepsi Case

-61,-8836779770, -Pepsi Six Pack

--62, --0883677917, --Pepsi Single 12oz

The dash preceding the Pepsi Six Pack identifiers indicates it has a Parent Item.

The two dashes preceding the Pepsi Single 12oz identifiers indicates its Parent Item also has a Parent Item.


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