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Report Manager - Options Screen - Report Group - Edit Screen

A Report Group is a set of Saved Settings Reports all of which run when the Report Group is run. The Edit Report Group Screen is used to create and manage Report Groups and includes the following options:

Name - The name by which the Report Group is to be identified. Report Groups are listed in alphabetical order by Name. To force the listing order, use spaces or number/letter prefixes.

For example, the following listing:

Customer Reports
Low Inventory Reports
Vendor Reports

Could be sorted as:

A1 - Low Inventory Reports
B1 - Customer Reports
C2 - Vendor Reports

Group Type - Used to select the type of Report Group:

Local - Local Groups are available only at the current Register. Local Groups may contain both Local and Shared Settings.

Shared - Shared Groups are available to all Registers and to Clerks with sufficient security. Shared Groups may only contain Shared Settings. If the Type of an existing Group is changed, Keystroke creates a copy of the Group with the new Type (retaining with the original Group, with the old Type). If the Type is changed from Local to Shared, all Local Saved Settings Reports are removed from the new Shared Group.

ID Number - Keystroke automatically assigns ID Numbers to keep track of Groups (CUEID=#). The ID Numbers cannot be changed.

Reports - The Reports Box on the Edit Report Group Screen displays the Saved Settings Report List. When the Report Group is run, all of the reports in the list are run.

The following operations may be performed in the Saved Settings Reports List:

- Add - Press [Ins[ to display the Report Settings screen. The Reports Settings Screen displays the list of available Saved Settings Reports. To add a Save Settings Report to the Group, select it and press [Enter].

- Edit - Select a Saved Settings Report and press [F3] to edit the report.

- Delete - Select a Saved Settings Report and press [Del] to remove the report from the Report Group.

- Cut - Select a Saved Settings Report and press [Shift]+[Del] to remove the report from the Report Group and copy it to the clipboard so that it can be Pasted.

- Paste - Select the Saved Setting Report below where the Cut report is to be pasted and press [Shift]+[Ins] to Paste the report into the selected position.


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