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Report Manager - Options Screen - Print

The Print setting is used to choose between printing:

- All records included by the current options selected on the Report Options Screen.

- Individual records chosen from a Lookup List of database records for which information is requested. When the desired record is selected, the information is printed and the Lookup List is displayed again for additional record choices until [Esc] is selected to close the Lookup List.

For Example:

When Print is set to Individual for the Inventory Database Report, a Lookup List of Inventory Items is displayed.

When Print is set to Individual for the Customers Phone List Report, a Lookup List of Customers is displayed.

Note: The All - Possible Items option on the Matrix Database Report prints a record for each possible matrix code for the inventory item's matrix table including those that have never been used and therefore do not exist in the matrix database (and are shown as null on the matrix selection grid).


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