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Reports and Labels - Add New Settings Screen - Security Level

The Report/Label Add New Settings screen Security Level field is used to restrict Clerk access to specific Reports or Labels. Enter the Security Level number required to run the Report/Label when adding or editing the Saved Setting.

Here is how Security Levels for Reports/Labels works:

A Clerk with sufficient Security to access Report/Label Manager may Run Reports/Labels, Edit Reports/Labels, Save Report/Label Settings, Edit Report/Label Settings, Create Report Groups, and Edit Report Groups.

A Clerk with insufficient Security to access Report Manager may only use the Report Cue menu's Run selection to run allowed Report Saved Settings (the Saved Settings screen displays only Settings allowed by the Clerk's Security Level) and the allowed Reports from within Report Groups. If a Report Group includes Report Settings which are not allowed by the Clerk's Security Level, only those that are allowed are run.


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