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Report Manager is accessed by selecting "Reports" or "Report Manager" from the Keystroke menus. The Report Manager uses a very powerful Report Engine (to generate the reports), Report Viewer (to view the generated reports), and Report Designer (requires a Keystroke Advanced license) which is a WYSIWYG editor for the forms that control how reports look.

The Report Manager's module code is "KSRN". The previous report manager is still available (from the Extensions Menu by selecting Reports (Legacy)) and uses the module code "KSR8". The module code "KSR" refers to "KSRN" unless the startup switch "ReportManager=Legacy" is used (in which case "KSR" refers to "KSR8"). The new KSRN module is available only as a .Net program. Selecting it from the current standard Keystroke system (which is based on vb6) opens another copy of Keystroke to run the Report Manager module.

Due to the graphical style of the .Net reports, exporting reports to be used as data or for input to other programs is not recommended. For this type of output, use the Export function available in the Configuration Manager, use KSExport.exe, or use the Legacy Reports. A new flexible Export function based on the .Net report data engine is being planned for a future release.

See Doc\Reports.pdf for more detailed information about the .Net Report Manager.

Video Screenshot
Video Screenshot

The New Report Manager message screen is displayed whenever a Legacy Reports settings file (KSRE*.dat) is converted to a New Report Manager settings file (KSRS*.dat). The message includes a brief introduction paragraph, a "Show Flyer" button to display the Enhanced Reports flyer, as well as a check box to stop showing the message (at least until another KSRE file is converted). The "Close" button is used to close the message screen without displaying the flyer.

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