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A Report Group is a set of Reports (Saved Settings) that run at the same time. The following options are available on the Edit Report Group Screen:

Name - The name by which the Report Group is identified. Report Groups are listed in alphabetical order. To force the listing order, use spaces or number/letter prefixes.

For example:

Customer Reports
Low Inventory Reports
Vendor Reports

Could be sorted as:

A1 - Low Inventory Reports
B1 - Customer Reports
C2 - Vendor Reports

Group Type - Click the Report Type button to select the type of Report Group.

- Local Groups are available to only the current register and are displayed above the Shared Groups.

- Shared Groups are available to all Registers and are displayed below the Local Groups under the heading ----Shared Groups----.

ID Number - ID Numbers (ID Number: #) are internally assigned to each Report Group automatically and cannot be changed.

Reports (Saved Settings) - Navigate to the Reports (Saved Settings) box to add or edit Reports for the Report Group. The following operations may be performed in the Reports box:

- Add - Press [Ins] to display the Report Settings Screen. To add a Report (Saved Setting) to the Report Group, select it and press [Enter].

- Edit - Select the Report Setting and press [F3].

- Delete - Select the Report Setting and press [Del].

- Cut - Select the Report Setting and press [Shift]+[Del] to remove the Report Setting from the list and copy it to the clipboard so that it can be Pasted.

- Paste - Select the line below the location where the previously Cut Report Setting is to be Pasted and press [Shift]+[Ins].

When a Report Group is run, the Reports listed in the Reports box are run.

Export - Save a Report Group to a file. Exported Report Groups may be Imported using the Import Report Groups Reports Cue Menu option.


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