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Report/Label Editor - Labels Box

The Labels Box is displayed at the top of the Edit Form Screen and includes:

Num Lines - The number of lines on each label. If the text to be printed has fewer lines, blank lines are printed to make up the difference.

Number Across - The number of physical label columns on the print media. For reports, leave this setting at its default value of 0.

Top Margin - The number of lines in the top margin.

Width - Used only for printing barcodes to determine the spacing of barcodes on a page of labels. Enter the width value in tenths of an inch. For example, if a label is 1.5 inches wide, enter 15. (15 tenths of an inch = 1.5 inches).

No Header - Prints with no header. Lines are not drawn when printing totals.

No Page Breaks - Prints without page breaks. Only the first page includes a header.


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