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Report/Label Editor - Form File Names

The Form File Name is displayed at the top of the Edit Form Screen.

The full Report Form or Mailing/Shipping Label Form File name consists of a four-character code specifying the Module (Reports or Labels) and type of Report or Label, followed by four characters (also known as the Form File Identifier), followed by the extension .KSR. The full Price Tag Form File name consists of eight characters followed by the extension .TAG.

For standard (those installed with Keystroke Software) Report and Mailing/Shipping Form file names, the first editable digit is 0. To prevent these Forms from being overwritten by subsequent Keystroke installations, edited form file names must be entered using characters that do not begin with 0.

For example, a standard Matrix Report Form could be named XRD10060.KSR where:

XRD1 - Module / report code.
0060 - Form File Identifier.

The first 0 indicates that it is a standard Report Form and not an edited Report Form.

An example of an edited Report Form file name is XRD12260.KSR. Note that the last four characters of the file name begin with a 2 rather than a 0.


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