Keystroke Point of Sale Help

Report Viewer - Navigation

While viewing a report in the Report Viewer, use the following screen navigation hot keys:

[LeftArrow] / [RightArrow] - Move left/right one space.

[Ctrl]+[LeftArrow] / [Ctrl]+[RightArrow] - Move to the left/right edge.

[Tab] / [Shift]+[Tab] - Move left/right 20 spaces.

[UpArrow] / [DownArrow] - Move up/down 1 line.

[Ctrl]+[UpArrow] / [Ctrl]+[DownArrow] - Move to the top/bottom of page.

[PageUp] / [PageDown] - Move up/down one screen.

[Ctrl]+[PageUp] / [Ctrl]+[PageDown] - Move up/down one page.

[Home] / [End] - Move to first page/last page.

[Ctrl]+[Home] / [Ctrl]+[End] - Move to first page/last page.

[Ctrl]+ / [Ctrl]- - Zoom In/Out (Zoom=Manual).

[Ctrl]+[Shift]+[+] / [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[-] - Changes zoom modes: Page Width, Stretch, Manual, Thumbnail, Two Pages, Whole Page.

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