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Transaction Search Function

The Purchase Transaction Search function is a very powerful feature available in both Keystroke and Keystroke Advanced. It provides the ability to display a list of transactions based on defined parameters including Vendors, individual Inventory items (plus Matrix Code if one exists), and even Serial Numbers. The Purchase Transaction Search Parameters define default search settings.

In Transaction Search results screen, each transaction can be highlighted and its contents displayed in full detail directly above the search list. The entire Transaction Search function runs without affecting the Purchase Transaction currently being entered.

Trans Types
Select the Purchase Transaction Types to include in the search by choosing them from the list and pressing [Enter] or [Space] to either include or exclude them.

Start Date
The Start Date defines the starting date from which the Transaction Search begins. In most cases, the date entry text should be used ("-3M" for back 3 months) instead of an actual date.

End Date
The End Date defines the date on which the Transaction Search stops searching. In most cases the End Date is left blank (to include the current day), but the date entry text -1D may be appropriate (to exclude the current day).

Select the Vendor to include in the search.

Transaction Number
Enter the Transaction Number (and sub letter if needed) to include in the search. Use "%Current%" to use the currently selected transaction.

Item ID
Enter the Inventory Item to include in the search. Use "%Current%" to use the currently selected Inventory item (the Inventory item currently selected in the Inventory Lookup list or, if the Inventory Lookup list is not currently in use, then the Inventory item selected on the current Purchase Transaction).


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