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Picture Viewer - Details

The Picture Viewer displays pictures, PDFs, or videos associated with database records. When [Ctrl]+[F2] is pressed, Picture Viewer displays the file that is associated with the current database record, if an associated file exists. A common use of Picture Viewer is to view pictures of Inventory items for quick identification.

To view a file associated with a database record:

- Locate the record using any method: on a Lookup List, in Database Manager, using the Query function ([F12] or [Shift]+[F3]).

- Press [Ctrl]+[F2] to open the Picture Viewer and display the file associated with the database record (if a file is available).

Location of Picture Viewer files- The Photos folder under the data folder. If Keystroke is installed on the C:\ drive, and is using the default Data\ folder, Picture Viewer files should be located in the C:\Keystroke\Data\Photos\ folder.

Name of Picture Viewer files - D###.ext, where the "D" is the Database Code representing the database with which to associate the file. ### represents the Database Record Number. The file name extension (.ext) represents the associated file type. .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, .PNG, .PDF, .WMV, .MPG, .MPE, and .MP4 file types are supported.

The Database Codes:

I - Inventory
C - Customer
V - Vendor
K - Clerk
D - Department
G - Category
L - Location
X - Matrix *See notes below regarding Matrix Elements
O - Contact **See notes below regarding Contact ID/Code

The Database Record ID Numbers:

Inventory - Stock Number
Customer - Customer Number
Vendor - Vendor Number
Clerk - Clerk Number
Department - Department Code
Category - Category Code
Location - Location Code
Matrix - Matrix Entry Code
Contact - Contact ID or Contact Code

Example: Inventory Stock Number 347 is a vintage package of Mr. T Gold Chain Bubblegum. A picture of the package may be placed in the C:\Keystroke\Data\Photos folder using the file name I347.JPG. The picture of the item may be displayed anywhere by selecting the item and pressing [Ctrl]+[F2].

* For Matrix record Picture Viewer Files:
Because the Matrix separator can contain characters that are not valid for filenames, a hyphen (-) is used as a separator between the Inventory Stock Number and the Matrix Code. Example: The image file name for a Matrix item for Stock Number 37 with Element Code MD should be X37-MD.JPG.

** For Contact record Picture Viewer Files:
Because the Contact information includes a Customer Number and a Contact ID or Contact Code, a hyphen (-) is used as a separator between the Customer Number and the Contact ID or Code. Example: The image file name for Contact ID or Code A100 on Customer# 500 should be O500-A100.JPG.

To completely disable the Picture Viewer, change the PictureViewer= setting in the WS#.INI file to PictureViewer=0.

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