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Search - Filter for Lookup Lists

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Click the Filter button located at the top, left of the Lookup List or press [Shift]+[F2]) to search for records using a filter.

The Search Filter locates records where the field selected with the Field button includes the text typed into the Contains: field.

- Use the Field button to select a field for which to filter.
- Use the Contains: field to enter the text for which to search.
- Select Ok.

The search result contains all of the records that include the text in that field.

For example, to search for all the items with the word "Pencil" in the description field:

- Navigate to the Inventory Lookup List.
- Verify the list is sorted by Description. If it isn't, press [F9] until the list is sorted by description or use the Sort By buttons to select the Description sort.
- Click the Filter button or press [Shift]+[F2] to open the Search For window.
- Enter "Pencil" in the Contains: field (the Field button should already have been set to Description by the Sort By function).

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