Keystroke Point of Sale Help

Lookup Lists

Lookup Lists are used to locate specific information, such as database and transaction records.

All Lookup Lists operate in the same basic manner. Some Lookup Lists include additional functions.

To navigate Lookup Lists:

- Use the Quick Search function.

- Use the Filter, Show Hidden, and Alt Code buttons.

- Scroll the Lookup List using the following keys: [Up Arrow], [Down Arrow], [Page Up], [Page Down, [Home], [End].

To change the Lookup List record sort, press [F9] or use the Sort By buttons.

Press [Enter] to select the highlighted record from the Lookup List.

Database Lookup Lists provide edit database record and add database record functions:

- Press [Ins] to add a new database record.

- Press [F3] to edit the highlighted database record.

- Press [Shift]+[Enter] to view the Comments for the highlighted record (Comments cannot be edited when viewing them from a Lookup List).

Transaction Lookup Lists display transaction records. The Date Range of the current transaction data file appears at the top of Lookup List.

- Press [Ctrl]+[Page Up] to navigate to the previous (older) transaction data file.

- Press [Ctrl]+[Page Down] to navigate to the next (newer) transaction data file, if one exists.

- Press [Ctrl]+[Home] to enter a date for a specific date range.

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