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Keystroke Software Licensing

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The Keystroke software license Evaluation Mode Notice message screen is displayed when Keystroke is run in Evaluation Mode.

It appears when running the Evaluation Software after downloading and installing it from the Keystroke web site. In this case to get more information or to purchase a licensed copy of Keystroke, please call an Authorized Keystroke Dealer or call SBS at 800-359-3458.

It may also appear when a licensed copy of Keystroke has a problem with a licensing file. In this case, close Keystroke and open it again BUT before entering a Clerk to login, press [Shift]+[F8]. A message is displayed stating that License Information will be entered after Clerk Login. After the Clerk has logged in, the Set Keystroke License screen is displayed. Select the Retrieve Updated License button to refresh the license files from a licensed copy of Keystroke. Upon successful retrieval of licensing information from the Keystroke License Server, a confirmation message should be displayed stating that the license update has been completed. If this confirmation screen is not displayed, please call Keystroke Technical Support at 800-275-4727.


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