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Based On - Select the Transaction Type on which to base the Price Tags.

Printed Price - Select the Price field to be printed on Price Tags.

Price Table - Select a Price Table used to determine the price printed on the Price Tags.

Price Date - Select the date used to determine the price printed on the Price Tags.

Labels Per Item - Select the number of Price Tags to be printed for each item.

Skip Non-Matrixed Items - Do not print Price Tags for items with no Matrix Table.

Price Changes Only - Prints Price Tags only for items with Current Price different from Last Printed Price.

Update Last Printed Price - Set the Last Printed price field on the Inventory record to Current Printed Price.

Print Box Tags - Enable for boxed or bulk items with the "No Price Tag" flag enabled on the Inventory record.

Filter - Filters are used to select items for Price Tags and Labels.

Print To - Print to a Screen, Printer, or File.

Form - Lists the Forms available for use with the current Price Tag or Label.


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