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Data Importer - Importing Alternate Inventory Codes

Use ImpAltIC.EXE (located in the Keystroke installation folder) to import Alternate Inventory Codes from an ASCII delimited Import File where the first field is the new Alternate Code and the second field identifies the existing record in the Keystroke Inventory database by either Stock Number, Product Code, Description, Class, Manufacturer, or AltID#.

ImpAltIC.EXE [/F filename] [/C N|D|C|L|M] [/I]

/C - The field by which to look up existing Inventory databse records. N=Stock Number, D=Description, C=Product Code, L=Class, M=Manufacturer (the default is Stock Number).

/F - The Import File filename (including path) from which the new Alternate Codes are to be imported (the default is AltCodes.txt located in the Keystroke installation folder).

/I - ID First -  Use to switch the definition of the order of the fields in the Import File. When used, the first field in the Import File identifies the exiting Keystroke Inventory record and the second field is the new Alternate Code.
Note: this is the field order in which Keystroke exports Alternate Codes.

ImpAltIC.EXE also supports most of the standard Keystroke command line switches.

Example of an Import File:


In the example above, 4 Alternate Codes would be added to Stock Number 529.

Note: ImpAltIC.EXE usage is also documented in ImpAltIC.txt (located in the \Doc folder under the Keystroke installation folder).

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