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Fonts - Font Types

Keystroke can use two different types of font:

TrueType - the most familiar fonts are TrueType fonts. Windows uses them to print and display text in most applications. Standard Windows TrueType fonts include Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New. A TrueType font can produce a range of point sizes from a single font file and display and print smoothly over a wide range of sizes.

Bitmap - Keystroke requires some features which most TrueType fonts don't have including fixed spacing and the OEM character set (although on most computers, Courier New and Lucida Console fit both of these requirements).

The Keystroke \FONT folder contains a font that has these features. It is a bitmap font called KeystrokeScreenFont. Bitmap fonts are older and technically less complex than TrueType fonts. They generally cannot print smoothly over a wide range of sizes, but they can display text on the screen at specific sizes. Windows typically uses bitmap fonts to display text in menus and on screens. With a bitmap font, each point size is contained in a different file. The KeystrokeScreenFont actually consists of over fifty separate font files.


Custom Fonts with Keystroke

Font Names

Fonts with Fixed Character Spacing

Fonts - The OEM Character Set

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