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Fonts - ASCII Codes and the Keystroke Font

Keystroke's built-in font includes special characters which cannot be entered directly from the keyboard.

To enter these special characters in Price Tables, Price Codes, Commission Tables, Commission Codes, Tax Tables, Tax Codes, Tax Districts, Matrix Tables, Matrix Categories, Matrix Elements, Matrix Code Separator, and Matrix Null Symbol:

- Press [Ins] to bring up a list of available characters and their ASCII codes.
- Select a character from the list and press Enter to use it.

To enter these special characters for the Toggle field On/Off Character (in Database Screen Editor) and for the Matrix Null Symbol:

- Enter the ASCII code for the character by holding down the [Alt] key and typing the ASCII code using the keyboard's numeric keypad.
- Do not use the number keys in the upper row of the main part of the keyboard.


Keystroke Font - ASCII Code Chart

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