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Forms Editor - Status Line

The Status line is located immediately above the help message line at the bottom of the screen. It displays the following information when the cursor is located on a data field:

Description - Description of the field.

Size - List Length of the field in characters.

Alignment - Field Alignment - Left, Right, Center.

Absolute - Absolute Status - A=ON and BLANK=OFF.

Insert - Insert Mode - Ins=ON and BLANK=OFF.

Section - Location of the field in the Form - Header, Body, Summary.

Horiz. Coord. - Horizontal location of cursor on the page, in characters.

Vert. Coord. - Vertical location of the cursor on the page, in lines.

Using at the following example: Clerk Name, 24, L, A, Ins, Header, 19, 6,

Description - The Clerk Name field.

Size - 24 characters long.

Alignment - Left.

Absolute - Absolute Status ON.

Insert - Insert Mode ON.

Section - Header section.

Horiz. Coord. - The cursor is 19 characters to the right of the left side of the page.

Vert. Coord. - The cursor is 6 lines down from the top of the page..


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