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Forms Editor - Menus - Options Menu - Body Length

The Forms Editor - Options Menu - Body Length option is used to set the length (in lines) of the Body Section of the form.

If more lines than the Body Length are necessary to print all items on a form, a second page is printed.

- Enter the maximum number of lines to include in the Body section of the Form File.

- If the current Form Type doesn't use multiple pages (i.e., printing a sales Receipt or printing to a data file), enter either 0 or 9999 in Body Length to disable Body Length and print all line items on one long, continuous page.

Max Body Length (Number of body lines on all but last page):

- May be used to increase the length of the Body Section when multiple pages are needed. Since the Summary Section is only printed on the last page, this setting is used to allow the line items to continue printing down into the area of the page normally used by the summary section. When using this setting, 2 lines must be left for the "Continued on next Page" message (if paper length is 60, set this setting so it stops before line 58). If a form is printed with a number of line items that end up using this setting, the program will ensure that at least 2 line items always print on the last page. If Max Body Length is left at 0 (or any number less than the Body Length), then the Body Length setting is used instead.


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