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Forms Editor - Menus - Form Menu - Load

The Forms Editor - Form Menu - Load option is used to display the Load Form List screen to load an existing Form File for editing. All existing Form Files of the current form type are displayed on the list.

To load a Form File:

- Locate the desired form file using the [UpArrow] and [DownArrow] keys and press [Enter] to open it.

Press [F3] to see an view an image of the form file (or read a description of the form file if a Form Image File is not available).

Location of Image Files:

Form Image Files are located in folders below the Keystroke\Forms folder. The folder name is the same as the Form File Type and file name extension (NVC, POR, PAY, etc).

For example, if the main Keystroke folder is C:\Keystroke\, Sales Invoice and Receipt Forms have the extension NVC so the image files of Invoice Forms are located in C:\Keystroke\Forms\NVC\ folder.

Naming of Image Files:

The file name format is ########.ext, where ######## is the Form File's name and ext is the image file's extension.

The Picture Viewer supports four file formats: JPG, BMP, PNG, and GIF.

For example:

A JPG image of the Form file KSP8X11.NVC would be:

A BMP image of the Form file KSP11S#.POR would be:

A GIF image of the Form file KSP40TRN.ROA would be:


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