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Forms Editor - Menus - Field Menu - Width

The Forms Editor - Field Menu - Width option is used to set the maximum number of characters that can be printed horizontally in the current field.

Most fields are automatically set to the maximum width.

The width may be reduced (for example, to fit the fields of a pre-printed form).

To change the width of a field:

- Enter the Field Width. The field Width must be less than the Page Width.
- Press [Enter].

The Field Width may be also adjusted using [Ctrl]+[RightArrow] to increase the Field Width or [Ctrl]+[LeftArrow] to decrease the Field Width.

Special Fields:

Comment fields can have a practically unlimited number of characters. Keystroke automatically creates as many lines, each of the defined Field Width, as are required to print the entire Comment.

%LOGO% fields - use the width setting to increase or decrease the size of the logo graphic (the logo's height is automatatically scaled based on the value of the Width).


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