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Using the Database List Editor

To access the Database List Editor directly from a database field, navigate to any database field that supports Valid Entries Lists, and press [Ins] or [F2].

If a Valid Entries List exists for the field, the list of available field values is displayed and an entry may be selected, or [F3] may be pressed to edit the Valid Entries List using the Database List Editor.

If a Valid Entries List is not available, the following message is displayed: "A Valid Entries List could not be found for this field. (File= the path and filename for the Valid Entries List file is displayed here). Would you like to create one?". Select [Yes] to open the Database List Editor to create the Valid Entries List File, add field values to the list, and save the list. Select [No] or [Cancel] to continue without creating a Valid Entries List.

Note: The Database List Editor may also be run from outside of the Keystroke software by running \Keystroke\DBLists.exe (see Keystroke\Doc\DBLists.txt for details and see Keystroke\Doc\DBLists.txt for a list of database codes and field numbers/names).


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