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Database List Editor - Database Field Columns

The Database Field Columns are displayed on the Edit Valid Entries screen by pressing the Other Fields Button. Click the checkbox in the Other Column to enable values to be entered in the Database Field columns. When a Valid Entry with the Other column enabled and with values entered in Database Field columns is selected for entry on a Database record, both the Valid Entry value and the values for the Database Fields are automatically entered on the database record. Database record fields for which Database Field columns contain no values are not updated.

For example:
- Use Valid Entries List file LISTI051.DAT (for Inventory database Manufacturer field)
- Enter the value "SBS" (without the quote characters) in the Line 1 Entry Code column
- Click the Other Fields Button
- Enable the Button in the Other column
- Enter the value "COMP" in the Department column
- Enter the value "SOFT" in the Category column
- Do NOT enter a value in the Location column
- Click the Save Button to save the Valid Entries List

When the "SBS" Valid Entry value is selected in the Manufacturer field of an Inventory database record, "COMP" is automatically entered in the Department field, "SOFT" is automatically entered in the Category field, and the Location field remains unchanged.


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