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Matrix Tables - Matrix Code

Matrix items are identified by Matrix Codes. An item's Matrix Code consists of the item's Identifier, followed by the Separator, followed by the Element Codes. In Sales, the Matrix Item's Stock Number is saved as its Identifier in the Transaction Line Item Detail.

For example, if the Separator is a period, for Stock #69, Product Code 012345, in Small, White, and V-neck (Element Codes SWV), the Matrix Code is: 69.SWV.

When a Matrix Item is entered on a Sales Transaction, the Transaction Line Item Detail information stores the item's Matrix Code in the Class field and its Code Name (For example: Small, White, V-Neck) in the Extended Description field. These fields should not contain any other important information since their contents are overwritten by the Matrix Code and Code Name.

When entering a Matrix Item on a Sales Transaction, the Identifier may be entered using the information from the item's Line Item Entry Field or any enabled Alternate Search Fields.

If the current line item entry field is Stock Number, the item's Identifier would be 69, and 69.SWV may be entered.

If the current line item entry field is Product Code, the item's Identifier would be 12345, and 012345.SWV may be entered.


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