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Database Manager - Customer Database - Main Screen - Credit Limit

The Credit Limit field displays the amount of credit the Customer is allowed to use if the store provides Customers with in-house credit. In-house credit is defined as any kind of credit issued by the store. If the payment cannot be taken to the bank because it has not yet been collected, it is credit. Credit payments are listed in Accounts Receivable.

When a customer makes a credit purchase, the Customer's Available Credit is checked before the payment is accepted. Available Credit = (Credit Limit - current open invoice amounts).

If the charge amount exceeds the Customer's Available Credit, the "Payment exceeds Customer's available credit." message is displayed. If the Clerk has sufficient security, the "Manager: Would you like to override the Credit Limit? Yes, No, Cancel" message is displayed, otherwise the credit-type payment is not accepted.

If the Customer has a Credit Limit of $0.00, the "Customer does not have a Credit Account" message is displayed and credit-type payments are not accepted.

Note: The Credit Limit applies to in-store credit only. It does apply not to credit card purchases.


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