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The Loyalty Bucket Points import process is both set up and run using the Loyalty Importer window displayed by the Import/Loyalty menu option. If Loyalty has not been set up then the Import Loyalty menu option is not displayed.

File Name is used to enter the name (including optional path) of the file to import. The Format: line of text below the File Name field shows the required format for the records in the file to be imported. While it shows commas, Tab delimited is also supported (and preferred). The [Earned], and [Redeemed] fields are optional. Fields also supported (and optional), but not shown are: [LastEarned], [LastRedeemed]. Record format is: ID, BucketCode, PointsAvailable, PointsEarned, PointsRedeemed, LastEarned, LastRedeemed.

Search Customers By is used to search for Customers by:

Lookup Name
Customer Number
Web ID
Company Name
Last Name

Add To Bucket Points is used to import additional Points for Customers who have existing points (adds imported Point to existing Points).

Set (Replace) Bucket Points is used to set or replace Points for all Customers (imported Points replace existing Points).

Note: Select either Add to Bucket Points OR Set (Replace) Bucket Points.

Warning: If both the Add and Replace parameters are enabled a Warning screen is displayed stating so and the import is not run with the current settings.

To Import Loyalty Bucket Points:

- Enter the appropriate File Name (source file).
- Verify each of the other Import settings.
- Select the OK Button to import the Loyalty Bucket Points


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