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Configuration Manager - Menus - Settings - Parameters - Lot# Qty Code

The Lot# Qty Code (available only with Keystroke Advanced licenses) is used to enable each serial number to represent more than a quantity of 1. While the term Serial Number is still used, it is considered to be a Lot Number since Serial Numbers usually represent a single item and don't require a quantity to be entered. This is accomplished by adding a Lot# Qty Code the end of the Serial Number/Lot.

For example, if " Qty:" is entered in the Lot# Qty Code field, and 20 of the item A2100 are received, then the serial number/lot entry on the inventory record is displayed as: "A2100 Qty: 20".

The Add To Serialized Entry parameter (available only with Keystroke Advanced licenses) is used to automatically enter the Lot# Qty Code text when a new serial number is being added. If the code exists on the serial number line but no characters follow it, then the number "1" is automatically be added to it. Serial Numbers without the Lot# Qty Code work as normal.

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