Keystroke Point of Sale Help

Configuration Manager - Menus - Settings - Parameters - Enable Deli Scales - Calc From Base Price

The Calc From Base Price parameter is enabled by default. Disabling it changes the calculation used to determine the Qty sold of an item to be based on the item's selling price (referred to in Keystroke as the "Current Price") rather than the item's Base Price.

When Enabled (regular selling price) - the Deli Scale price should be programmed to be the same as the Base Price from the Inventory item database record. This setting allows both the On Sale setting and a Price Table discount to calculate the correct price for the Customer and show the correct weight.

When Disabled (discounted price) - the Deli Scale is programmed with the discounted price and the Current Price from Keystroke is used (including items' Sale Prices when their On Sale setting is enabled). This setting does not calculate weight correctly if the Sale Price is enabled or a Price Table is in use that results in a different price than the price programmed on the scale. In this scenario, the price charged is simply the price calculated from the Amount provided by the label. The weight (Qty) displayed is incorrect.

Note: Additional discounts may be taken at the register after the item has been scanned without skewing the weight.

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