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Configuration Manager - Menus - Settings - Parameters - Enable Deli Scales

A Deli Scale is a special type of electronic scale. It does not send the weight of items directly. Instead, it prints labels with barcodes that can be scanned as line items.

Deli Scale barcodes are printed using a twelve digit UPC barcode format that begins with the number 2 and includes a check digit at the end.

The first six digits are the Inventory Item's Product Code (including the 2 at the beginning). The Product Code must be six digits long (i.e. 212345).

Last six digits are the Extended Amount and Check Digit. Price * Weight = Extended Amount.

Price = $1.99 (per pound)
Weight = 3.844 lb.
Extended Amount = $7.65
1.99 * 3.844 = 7.65 (rounded to dollars and cents)
Example Barcode: 212345007655

When a Deli Scale label barcode is scanned, the item is located by Product Code (212345) and the item's Price is read from the database record. The Extended Amount is divided by the Price to calculate the Quantity.

To Enable Deli Scales:

- Select Parameters from the Configuration Manager Settings menu.

- Select Enable Deli Scales with the [Spacebar] or a mouse click so it is marked with an X.

- If items totaling over $99.99 exist, the Supports 5 Digit Price parameter must also be enabled.

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