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Configuration Manager - Menus - Settings - Parameters - Disable Credit Payments (AR Module)

When the Disable Credit Payments (AR Module) parameter is enabled, features related to Accounts Receivable are hidden or disabled.

- In Configuration Manager, Tables, Sales Payments Types, payments marked as Credit (e.g. On Account) and those set to only be Available on ROA Payments are hidden. When the Payment Type button is used, the Credit (AR) option is hidden.

- In Sales Manager, the Payment List does not include payments with their Type set to Credit (AR). The Credit Memo function is hidden.

- The AR Module is removed from the Exit Menu. In Keystroke the AR Module button on the Main Menu is disabled. Since the Navigation Menu in Keystroke Advanced is customizable, it is not automatically changed. Navigation Menu buttons may be changed by right clicking on a button and changing its name/function. If a macro is used to go to the AR Module, it displays the "Accounts Receivable is Disabled" message and does not switch to the AR Module.

- In Report Manager, the Sales Menu does not show the Receivables and ROA Payments report options.

Note: The Disable Credit Payment (AR Module) parameter is stored and read from the common configuration data file ("KSCNF.DAT") even if the register is set up to use its own configuration file.

- In Keystroke Express, the Disable Credit Payments (AR Module) parameter is enabled by default. However, in Express it is labeled as "Enable" and is displayed as disabled. The limited AR functionality available in Express may be accessed by enabling the Enable Credit (AR) Payments parameter.

Note: Keystroke Advanced should be used if full AR functionality is needed.

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