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The Name/Address settings are used to enter Company Information as it should appear on printed forms (receipts, purchase orders, reports, etc.).

Name - defines the name of the store or business.

Address 1 - defines the street address information.

Address 2 - defines alternate address information.

City - defines the city location information.

State - defines the state location information.

Zip - defines the mailing zip code information.

Phone 1 - defines the phone number information.

Phone 2 - defines the alternate/secondary phone information.

Web Site - defines the web site URL information.

eMail - defines the email information.

Tax Number - defines the company's Federal or State Tax ID Number information.

Store Number - used only by MultiStore functions to identify the store.

Store Name - used only with Multi-store configurations of Keystroke to identify the data set currently being using.

Logo (Company Logo) - defines the Logo graphic file name and location (available only with Keystroke Advanced licenses).


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