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The UDP IP Port selection works with Cash Drawers, Security Feeds, and Pole Displays.

The IP Port type allows messages to be sent through the network to the specified device. The parameters are Protocol, Address and Port Number. Currently only the UDP protocol is supported. The other protocol would be TCP but it is slower and requires more overhead which is not needed for the current use of this port type. Some devices will specify that they only support TCP/IP when in fact they also support UDP/IP which is a simpler protocol. The Address parameter is either the IP Address (""), or the local computer name ("MAINPC") or the URL ("") to which to send the information. The Port Number parameter is a number between 0 and 65,535. The Port Number needs to match the port that the other device is listening to. The entire setting is saved as "IP:UDP=ComputerName=PortNum".

Note: The max size is 40 characters, therefore long URLs cannot be used.


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