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Closeout - Deposits Used

The Deposits Used is defined as a Payment that is not included in the Closeout Period.

The Closeout Period is defined as particular Date/Time Range for a particular Register Number. Therefore, a Deposits Used amount could come from another register, or from a Date/Time range outside the current Closeout Period.

Deposits Used amounts may appear frequently if invoices are commonly edited on Registers other than the Register they were originally created on, the payment is deleted, and then re-entered.

- A cash sale was created on Register #2.
- A manager edits the Invoice in the back office, on Register #5.
- The manager deletes the cash payment, and enters a Check payment.

In this example, if a Closeout is run for Register #2, it would appear that a check was taken as a deposit on Register #5.

If the Deposits Used is negative amount, it may indicate that the payment has a date "in the future" from the Invoice Date. Using the same example above, if the Manager edited the Invoice on Register# 2, but did it a day later, then the Closeout may show the Deposits Used as a negative number.

Finding the Deposits Used amount may be difficult. Begin my asking Clerks if they have had to re-enter any payments. If a Clerk says yes, have them display the transaction on the screen to determine if one of the above conditions applies.

The Closeout may also be run for a smaller Closeout Period to narrow down the number of transactions to where it is easy to quickly view each of the payments to see if they match the invoice.


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