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Accounts Receivable - Menus - Payments - Edit - Credit Memo

The Payments - Edit - Credit Memo function is used to select a Credit Memo and apply it to the Customer's open invoices or Finance Charges.

- Select Edit from the Accounts Receivable Payments Menus.

- Select Credit Memo from the Edit options.

- Select the sort order (Customer Name or Date or Customer Number).

- Select the Customer from the list to display the Applying Credit Memo screen.

- * CREDIT MEMO * is displayed in place of the Payment Type.

- The information on the Credit Memo cannot be edited, with the exception of the Applied amounts, because a Credit Memo is really an ROA Payment that has not yet been fully applied. To edit other information, the original ROA Payment must be located and edited (or deleted).

- Apply the payment.

- Select Ok and then select either Print ROA Receipt or Save from the Print ROA Receipt Screen.


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