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Accounts Receivable - Menus - Payments - Delete

The Payments - Delete function is used to delete existing ROA Payments.

- Select Delete from the Payments menu.

- Select the sort category (Date or Customer Number).

- Select the ROA Payment to be deleted.

- To locate an ROA Payment from a date prior to the current transaction file, an older transaction file may need to be displayed on the ROA Payment Lookup List screen. The Date Range for each transaction file is displayed at the top of the ROA Payments Lookup list screen.

- Use [Ctrl]+[PageUp] or the Prev File button for the previous transaction file.
- Use [Ctrl]+[PageDown] or the Next File button for the next transaction file.

- Use [Ctrl]+[Home] to jump directly to a file by date. Enter a date on the File Date screen and press [Enter].

When an ROA Payment is deleted:

- The following warning screen is displayed: "WARNING: Deleting this Payment will completely remove all references to it and it cannot be recalled later. Are you sure you want to DELETE this Payment? [Ok] [Cancel]".

- Selecting [Ok] deletes the ROA Payment.

- Any Credit Memo created with it is deleted.

- All Invoices that were paid off using the ROA Payment are no longer paid (as if they had never been credited in the first place).

WARNING: If the Customer's finance charges were calculated after the payment was originally entered, and before the payment was deleted, the Customer's current Finance Charges may need to be manually adjusted.

- Selecting [Cancel] displays the "Deletion Cancelled [Ok]" message screen and the payment is retained.


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