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Accounts Receivable - Menus - Finance - Calculate

The Calculate function is used to calculate Finance Charges for individual Customers.

- Select Parameters from the Finance menu.

- Review the Finance Charge Settings, and make any necessary changes.

- Select Ok to exit and save the changes.

- Select Billing Period from the Finance menu.

- Enter a Billing Period if the current one is not appropriate. (Usually 1 month).

- Select Ok and press [Enter] to accept the Billing Period.

- The Calculate Finance Charge for All Customers screen is displayed.

- Select [No] to skip the calculation.

- Select Calculate from the Finance menu.

- Select the Customer from the Customer Lookup List.

- Press [Enter].

- Finance Charges for that Customer are calculated and the Customer Lookup List is displayed again.

- Select another Customer or press [Esc] to exit without selecting a Customer.

WARNING: Finance Charges for a Billing Period do not ordinarily need to be calculated again. Do not use a Start Date (the Open Date in the Billing Period) that is earlier than the Customer's previous Finance Charge date. Doing so resets the Previous Finance Charges to 0 and then re-calculate the current charges, which may result in total Finance Charges lower than desired. The Previous Finance Charge date is the PRV FN CHG in the Open Invoices List.


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