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The Automatic Payments function pays off AR accounts. It may be used to pay off the entire balance for a single customer or for multiple customers.

Typical uses for Automatic Payments might be to record payments when dues for a health club are automatically deducted from members' credit card accounts, or meals at a hospital cafeteria are deducted from employees' paychecks.

An ROA payment for each selected Customer is created, applied and saved. It pays off all of the Customer's open invoices and Finance Charges. It does not apply open credit memos. Before using the Automatic Payments function, it is recommended to apply all credit memos for all affected Customers.

Pay Off: Identify the account(s) to pay off:

- All - Pay off all Customers at once. Standard Keystroke filters and formulas can be used to select Customers.

- Individual - Pay off individual Customers. Select a Customer from the list. Press [Enter] to pay off the account. Select another Customer, or press [Esc] to exit the list.

Prior To: Pay off only invoices from before this date.

Reference: Text to be entered in each ROA payment's Reference field.

Payment: The Payment Type to be used for the ROA payments.

WARNING: The Automatic Payments function can create a large number of payments. There is no automatic way to remove them. Each one must be deleted manually.


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