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The Apply Credit Memos function (available only with Keystroke Advanced licenses) can be run in two different modes: Individual or All.

In Individual Mode, Credit Memos are selected one at a time. When a Credit Memo is selected, it is automatically applied to any outstanding Finance Charges, then to Invoices (up to the amount of the Credit Memo). Saving and updating the Invoices and underlying ROA payment is completed automatically. If the full amount of the credit memo is used it is removed from the Credit Memo list. If there are no outstanding balances to which to apply it, a message is displayed stating so.

In the All Mode, the Credit Memos to apply may be restricted using the Filter option and the "Credit Memos Prior To" date setting.

In both modes a reminder message is displayed stating that a backup of the data files should be made before running the function.

Note: Once the Apply Credit Memos function has completed, the only way to reverse (un-apply) a Credit Memo is to edit the ROA Payment(s) that the Credit Memo created (or restore the backup).


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